Sunday, February 15, 2015

1# Let's start this!

I created this Blogspot blog a long time ago and by long time ago I mean like 3/4 years ago.
I made it with the purpose of writing blog posts about about games and my thoughts on them, an expansion of forum posts I used to do on the now dead site StudyCove .

I am now starting my second year and fifth trimester at university, after failing my first level programming, I thankfully passed the second time (I still don't know how, I think it was pseudo-code).
As I am writing this, you're talking in a lecture (sorry, I write & listen). I had just a meeting regarding my process, as it turns out I already did my elective unit last trimester and I hadn't even realised it!
So if the options suck in the future, great I have already done it! If the options are good, then I sadly I think I won't be able to do them.
But hey, at least I am another unit down for the course, fingers crossed it will be good in the long run!

Green - Done, Red - Failed (at some point), Yellow - Doing now

Well I guess that's all for now, next time or later I will talk about more about games rather than my boring life.

- Mark

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