Thursday, March 12, 2015

#2 Concept

This post was originally written on the 28th of February, I have since been lazy with my blog.
I had thought I had posted it, however it was in my drafts. Sorry.

Sorry for the delay of my blog post.
My weekend was spent in the Sunshine State for a convention, of course by Sunshine State I mean cyclones, rain, wind and no sun just grey skies.

Still it gave me time to think about on my 3D game.

Basically my idea is that you play a lifeguard who needs to save people, by saving you just throw life-rings at the victims, so basically a shooting mechanics.
The victims randomly appear in an area for you to save, they’ll be up for about 3 – 5 seconds before disappearing (drowning), you could think of it as a reverse whack-a-mole.

The dot is the player, red line is the track they can move along, blue line is the vision and the red doted area is where the action will take place.
I think the map should have a cliff to one side and water on the other in order to save building unneeded environments, but keep the setting believable.

The increase in difficulty will come in the form of more people showing up, also random events including rip-tides or sharks.
Rip-tides move the victims around, making them harder to hit.
Sharks are like an instant death, you’ll be able to see their fins.

My initial concept.

Doodle of what a main menu could look like
(I have the  idea of being able to pick between male/female,
although I am not sure if that will honestly be feeble).

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