Thursday, March 12, 2015

#3 Further concepts

I have been thinking more about how things are going to work.
I've decided that the game should have a third person camera behind the player which follows them.
However I am undecided if you can control the camera movement with the cursor in the middle, or if you can just move the cursor with a fixed camera.

The HUD should be pretty basic with only the score and time on it.

As for secondary mechanics, I like the idea of the rip. Basically once randomly activated it will scatter the victims in its range. The idea of this is to keep the player on their toes and to increase the difficulty, the rips will only last a few seconds, but it should be enough to discombobulate the players.
Text is cut off to side, but the diagram to show the basic idea of how it will.
It's modeled off how rips work in real life.
 When the mechanics is done in the game, I am thinking of having a game over screen of sorts.
But knowing my horrible skill of programming, sadly I don't think I will reach that stage.
Loading screen or gameover screen idea. Number could change based on how many times you fail.

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