Friday, June 26, 2015

Design Document for concept game

I was challenged with designing a game which included these elements “Conquer”, “Race” and “Gambling”.

Racing and Gambling together make an easy combination.
It could be an E-Sports like game where there’s those who play the game and those who are watching, those who watch can make bets on the players.

The players race in the game, for the sake of fairness it needs to be as balanced as possible, a car racing like game would make sense but with fake cars, not quite a kart racer, but something in-between.
The results of the race directly link to the bets placed by the watchers, this can be done through a dedicated online account system.

To entice players it can be a free to download and free to sign up system, the matches can be streamed online via the client or website with a constant update of bets and placements online and with a companion app.

The player who wins will conquer and will get a cut of the bets.

I drew up some basic concepts of how a website, client and app could look like. You may have to open the image in a new tab in order to see some of the smaller text which I wrote.

It might not be the most ethically great thing in the world (gambling), but ultimately I think with the growing world of E-Sports, sooner or later I expect a game like this to come.

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