Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sprite Sheet

This is my journey on my attempt to make a Sprite sheet, so I started off with a rough drawing of how the character could look.

After the rough design, I went onto further concept the character with a colour drawing with more detail.

 Using the computer I drew the character in line art form, spacing out all the parts in order to be able to do the basic animation for the Sprite sheet.

The next step was to colour in the character and clean up some of the edges of the line art (such as the hair).
Once saved as a TGA, it's imported into Maya and using 'planes' with binn, then the images were imported. Using the UV Texture feature, the parts were lined up with correct planes.

Then the animation could begin by moving the different body parts.

There is a render feature, once in the render I could export them into a file (I chose PNG) and then using an image program you can place them together to show how the animation could look in game.

I can then place the character into my scene which I previous made and see how it looks in a hypothetical game.

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