Monday, June 22, 2015

Modular Hallway

I have never used Maya before in my life or any real kind of 3D software (I opened up Blender once and got overwhelmed), however it's something which is important to know, so I gave a crack at creating a modular hallway.

Firstly a wall texture, using PhotoShop I got a concrete base and added pink to it to make a wall, here's what it looks like.

So I figured I needed a plan, so using trusty pen and paper I planned out what I needed to create.

So then using Maya I started creating, I made cubes and using the face tool I cut out faces.
Placing textures on took a bit of work trying to figure out, however thanks to online tutorials I managed to place the textures and adjust them to fit perfectly.

This was my progress.

I never did around to making stairs, however I think the process is making a ramp then making cuts in the ramp or something to that effect.

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